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What others are saying about my novels

Corruption's Child:

“Twists and turns will keep readers on the edge of their seat.” Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for


"While billed as a 'Sticks' Hetrick novel, in fact, there is an ensemble cast of recurring characters. The author draws the reader into their day to day lives as the characters interact with one another and, at the same time, try their best to do their job of dealing with the unsavory underbelly of peaceful small town and rural America." - Douglas Quinn, author-editor-reviewer


"I enjoyed reading Corruption's Child. There was good character development and it was an interesting peek into the Amish community. Most readers of a good mystery will appreciate and enjoy Corruption's Child." Sabrina Sumsion,

Cruel Cuts:

“Combining the threads of a disturbing mystery, domestic violence and at least two potential romances, this second novel in the series from author J. R. Lindermuth weaves a complex and very enjoyable cozy read full of murder, deceit and greed. Along the way he provides a revealing glimpse into a small town with characters just as real as your neighbors next door.”—Kevin Tipple, Crime and Suspense magazine (


“Lindermuth develops a plot slowly, pulling the reader into the story as if they were one of the characters, building the tension as the investigators work to unravel the problem which continues to mount. I’m happy to highly recommend this tale as one that will please any mystery buff and have you looking for his other books. Enjoy. I sure did.”—Anne K. Edwards,


“Sticks Hetrick, retired police chief, returns in this second in the series. Retirees get no rest. He is called in to consult with the new chief who has considerably less experience. Animal mutilations, poison pen letters, lawyers, and the police all mix for a great read.”—Vero G. Caravette, Mysterical-E magazine (

"Lindermuth is an excellent writer and story teller. His writing style is smooth and easy to read. His characters are memorable and his descriptions of life in rural central Pennsylvania is highly satisfying."--Douglas Quinn, author, editor, book reviewer (

Something In Common:

"Lindermuth uses his knowledge of small towns and people to create a tale that will keep you reading. False clues and red herrings are skillfully drawn across the trail to send us off in one direction while the killer goes in another. This is a perfect lesson for those of us who like to jump to conclusions.  Don't.
"The characters have depth and individuality and many seem to welcome the reader to their town. You will enjoy meeting them and perhaps want to return for another visit...I'll be looking for Mr. Lindermuth's next book, you may be sure." Anne K. Edwards,
"Lindermuth does a wonderful job of bringing his fictional small Pennsylvania town to life by getting us into the minds of a multitude of characters. Each chapter teaches us about someone new, and they all became very real to me. I enjoyed Lindermuth’s writing and the story itself was interesting and without a dull moment." Judy Clemens, Crime Spree Magazine, Issue 13. 
Schlussel's Woman:
"Mr. Lindermuth has researched the chosen time and place of his period piece effectively, and the author's use of mood and language brings the story to life. Lindermuth has composed a quiet little mystery for mature readers." Floyd M. Orr at B&N.
"I read lots of books. Most of them I read for the entertainment value. They occupy my time for a couple hours and that is all I require of them. Then there are those books that make me think. This is one of the books that made me think." Alita Rogers,
"I was just blown away by the complicated perspectives, goals and priorities developed into each character and their tale. This is a wonderful book that rings very true to the reader."
"Schlussel's Woman proves that self-publishing can be a positive development for readers...Lindermuth, a retired newspaper editor and writer, does a wonderful job of recreating history...he keeps the action moving...the characters are not the cardboard types too often seen in historical fiction." Dave Howell, Rambles, a cultural arts magazine.
"The emerging coal industry is but a backdrop for what becomes a mystery story, a psychological thriller with so many twists and turns that the reader has a hard time putting it down and, when finished, is dazzled by the ending." Jake Betz, The News-Item, Shamokin PA
"In depth research of the era, brings the past to life for the reader...The use of the dialogue of the day throughout, helps create the atmosphere. Well researched and cleverly written, this book is highly recommended." Shirley Roe, Allbooks Reviews.
St. Hubert's Stag:
"I didn't expect to enjoy a book about hunting, but this story surprised me. It was so much more. It dealt with issues we all must face--aging, fear, guilt, responsibility, family and love. It was refreshing. It inspired hope in a down to earth, honest tone."
"If you are a deer hunter you will find this book both moving and interesting. But you do not have to be a deer hunter to enjoy this book. The interactions between the characters make the book worth reading." Alita Rogers, kay
Have you ever read a story by a natural-born storyteller and gone back to a time to meet characters you had never known, yet come away with a feeling of having gone home? That's how St. Hubert's Stag will make you feel if you enjoy visiting small-town folks who live ordinary lives, but are very interesting people.
Jake Keller is an ailing, aging man determined to have one last hunt in his beloved woods, the place that has always felt like his real home. Nothing, anyone can say will make him change his mind. The desire is like a fever in his blood and must run its course. And, while hunting, he is forced to confront his mortality.
The very talented John Richard Lindermuth has taken a patch of woods, a very small town, and peopled them with characters you will miss when you close this book with a satisfied sigh and wish it had been longer. You'll get to meet Jake's son, Andy, who keeps a small store, his wife Janet and their son Nipper. In the background lurk a wonderful assortment of people who come to life on these pages and make the story move.
Highly recommended as a pleasant way to spend some time. This is a tale you can read again and learn something new about the characters. A keeper.  Enjoy. I sure did. Anne K. Edwards,
John Richard Lindermuth has written an insightful and intelligent novel, with sympathetic characters and a very developed and entertaining storyline. He has successfully combined the intense reality of life and death with the comfort and amusement of modern myth. Meanwhile, the reader is made privy to the intensely personal and realistic feelings of a man nearing the end of his life, filled with both regret and pride. Nancy Morris, Allbooks Reviews 

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