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Whither it may lead

Genealogy involves the solving of mysteries, one of my favorite pursuits. I confess, it began as mere curiosity about my ancestors but has, as is often the case, become something that now borders on obsession. Unhealthy? Perhaps. Then, I might be doing something worse and it has led to meeting some great people.

My ancestors came primarily from Germany and Great Britain. They settled in Berks, Schuylkill, Northumberland, Snyder and Perry counties in Pennsylvania. Some have gone on to other states, but our roots remain in the Keystone State.

Surnames I am researching:

Lindermuth line - Lindemuth/Lindenmuth/Lindermuth/Lindamood, etc. Wagner. Christ. Read/Reed/Reid, etc. Kantner. Emrich. Ream/Rhime/Riehm, etc. Becker. Fisher. Furman. Culp/Kulp..

Sears line - Sears/Seers, variations. Coldren. McMahan/McMachen. Boughner. Shipe, Scheib, etc. Hummel. Geistweit/Geistwite/Geistwhite, etc. Jones. Machamer. Sheaffer. Dubbs/Dobbs.


Lindermuth Line

My Lindermuth ancestor, Johann Wolf, was born 28 Nov. 1745 in Odenwald, Germany. He died 28 June 1775 in Bern Township, Berks Co. He immigrated with his parents and siblings on the ship Brothers, arriving at the port of Philadelphia, PA., on 22 Sept. 1752. According to the journal of his brother, Johann Michael, they lived two weeks in Jacob Beyer's house, moving from there to Windsor Township in Berks County and lived through the winter in the home of Abraham Berlin near the Schuylkill, three miles from the Blue Mountain, one mile from Benedict Kepner's mill and 16 miles from Reading. Wolf married Anna Maria Wagner about 1767 in Berks County. A daughter of George and Anna Maria (Christ) Wagner, she was born 29 Sept. 1749 in Berks Co. and died 28 Nov. 1778. The children of Wolf and Anna Maria were: Jacob, Jonathan, Anna Maria and Christina. Jacob, born 1767, in Bern Twp., died circa 1803 in Hamburg. He married Rachel Reed, daughter of Thomas and Margaret Reed. Their children were: Jacob, born 3 July 1789; John, born Aug. 6, 1788; Thomas, born April 12, 1791, and Susanna, born 1800. Jacob married Hannah Kantner. Their children were John Samuel, Aug. 23, 1820; Benjamin, Oct. 7, 1825; Jacob, Sept. 16, 1832; Susanna, 1833, and Henry, 1835. John Samuel married Sarah Ream. Their children, all born in Schuylkill Haven,  were: Louisa, born March 1851, married first Frank Klauder, 2nd, Daniel D. Longlow, died ca 1924 in Hamburg, Berks County; Sarah, born about 1849, married Isaac Katterman, died after 1921 in Pottsville; Emma, born about 1853; John Samuel, Sept. 23, 1854, Schuylkill Haven, Schuylkill County, died Nov. 1, 1912, Shamokin, Northumberland County PA; Charles William, born April 1860, died Aug. 14, 1921 in Schuylkill Haven, Schuylkill County PA, married Martha (last name unk.); Daniel E., born March 1862, married Ruth Ann Hipple; Katie, born about 1866, apparently never married, and Annie, born Aug. 20, 1870, died April 7, 1908, married Jonathan Spangler. John Samuel (2) married Margaret Ellen Becker. Their children were: Charles, Sept. 23, 1876; Mary, Oct. 21, 1880; Harry, Oct. 21, 1880; Emma, March 20, 1882; Edward, Aug. 8, 1883; Robert, June 27, 1885; Edith, July 4, 1890; Elizabeth, March 22, 1892, Florence, Jan. 30, 1896, and John, 1898. Robert married Ida Ivory May Fisher. Their children were: John, July 1907; Margaret, April 24, 1908; Robert Charles (my father), June 24, 1910, and Edith, Aug. 4, 1913.


Sears Line

John Seers/Sears was born in 1777, in Delaware though I haven't yet determined who his parents were. After settling at Fishers Ferry, Augusta Township, Northumberland County PA he married Mary McMahan, born 1778, daughter of George and Margaret McMahan. John died 30 April 1850 and Mary died 10 Nov. 1852. They are buried at Boyles Run Baptist Cemetery. Their children were John, Samuel, Maria, Robert and William. John (2) was born circa 1808, died 1854. He married Sarah Coldren, born Jan. 14, 1812, died Nov. 13, 1897 , Augusta Twp., daughter of Solomon and Elizabeth (Minnier) Coldren. Their children were: Mary, Sylvester George, Barbara, Abigail, Lavina, Elizabeth, Caroline, Mathias, Isaac, William, Amanda, Jackson and Hiram. Hiram, born 28 March 1854, died 30 Nov. 1918, married Mary Boughner, born 1 Aug. 1856, died 11 May 1924, daughter of William and Rebecca (Shipe) Boughner. Their children were: John E., George Lester, Minnie G., Adath, Ketura A. and Marvin H. George Lester, born 18 March 1879, married Cora Mable Geistwite, born 5 Sept. 1886, at Hoffer, Snyder County, a daughter of Benjamin and Ellen (Jones) Geistwite. Their children were: Raymond, Verna E., Walter, Mary, Cecelia, Ethel, Clarence (Pete), Betty and Shirley Lenore.




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